Thursday, August 30, 2007

are you smarter than a neophyte?

the techno world is rapidly changing before my eyes and now i find myself trying to blog. i really don't know why since i feel like it is an open diary to the world and not sure if i am ready to reveal any of my thoughts or opinions and when reading other blogs, i feel like i was either a part of the family or being a peeping tom. very strange. but then i thought, there are subjects, pet peeves, and thoughts i would also like to share and why not join the information high way and get a blog! the first time i learned of the word 'neophyte' was my first day at work at an insurance company back in 1979. fresh out of high school, in fact, it was the very next day after graduation. must have been brain dead not to take the summer off! oh well...too late now! anyway, they introduced the new kid on the block in their monthly insurance flyer, bulletin. or what ever you call it. it was there that i was shockingly referred to as a 'neophyte'. at first glance of the word, my immediate thought was 'oh no! it's the rated x term!'. you know...nympho...then reality set in, and i had to ask a more established co-worker what the heck was a neophyte. i felt like an alien until it was explained to me. so here i am, 27 some odd years later.. the new kid on the blogger block! not very interesting for a first entry, but just like the terminator..."i'll be baack!"..... oh, if anyone does ebay, chime in. i've got an awful lot to say on that subject. not all bad, but as an experienced seller, i've got tons of stories!

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